The Adams Tapes

A series of films about the church and the Nazis, based on newly processed home movies, never shown before, of Germany's most prominent Christian leaders of the 1930s. James Luther Adams, professor emeritus of Christian ethics, and George Huntston Williams, professor emeritus of church history, recount their personal remembrances of these influential leaders and discuss the dynamics of that turbulent period.

The films are available in DVD or VHS format. See below for details.

No Authority but from God - Volume 1 (28 minutes)
Personal reflections of both pro-Nazi and anti-Nazi church leaders. Includes Martin Niemöller, Reichbishop Ludwig Muller, Rudolf Bultmann, Karl Barth, and underground Confessing Church ministers and seminarians.
Religion Under Hitler - Volume 2 (26 minutes)
Germany's churches in the 1930s. The responses of Catholics, Lutherans, Calvinists, and Liberals to the rise of Hitler; analyses of how Hitler appealed to religious people; why the churches did not resist more; and what would have been an adequate theology.
Liberalism and the Barmen Declaration in Nazi Germany - Volume 3 (26 minutes)
The use of concepts of natural law by Liberals and Catholics and of confessional theology by Protestant Neo-Orthodox thinkers to resist Nazi ideology. The multiple definitions of "liberalism" — biblical, theological, political, and economic.


Order all three films on DVD for a donation of $45. Write to Jim Stillman, 270 Arborway, Boston MA 02130, email , or call (617) 524-2387.


Order all three films on VHS videocassette for a donation of $100. Write to JLA Foundation, c/o Stephen Mott, 11 Miller Road, Beverly MA 01915, email , or call (978) 927-0216.

Posted February 12, 2007

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